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Seit dem Jahr 2008, als die Kryptowährung Bitcoin bekannt wurde,

Zohar, A. ( 2015) Bitcoin: Under the Hood, Communications of the ACM, 58, 9, 104–113.

Although their essence is still wrapped up under the veil of secrets, the facts show that the value of Bitcoin as the first crypto currency has a rising trend,

Bitcoin: under the hood. Communications of the ACM, 58(9), September 2015, 104-113.

How Bitcoin Works Under the HoodHijacking bitcoin: Routing attacks on cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin: under the hood. Zohar, Aviv. Communications of the ACM (Volume 58, Pages 104–113), 2015.


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92–103 Aviv Zohar Bitcoin: under the hood . . . . . . . . 104–113.